We are enriching BizzStream with more and more functionality. Because we want you to participate in building the best possible platform, we give you the opportunity to add feature requests and vote for the best ones. We will prioritize the features and plan them on our roadmap.


Set number of suggestions and display placeholder in reference field

Peter van Meijel 1 year ago • updated 2 months ago 9

As an administrator, I want to set the number of initially displayed documents and display a placeholder so that they are aware that there may be more results.

(WHY) When users expand reference fields, they initially see 5 items. When they enter a search string, they will see at most 5 items that match the search string. This confuses some users.

(WHO) Administrator.

(WHAT) Set the number of suggestions and display a placeholder

Current Situation

In the past, reference fields showed at most about 20 references. As a result, scroll bar was typically visible when a reference field was expanded. As a result, users were inclined to use the search box to find an item.

Due to performance considerations, we limited the list to 5 items. Now users are suddenly much less inclined to use the search field and complain that not all items are visible.

Acceptance Criterea

This story consists of three parts:

  • Setting the number of suggestions
  • Displaying a placeholder
  • Show indicator if there are more suggetions

Set Number of Suggestions

In some cases, limiting the search results to 5 items is too restrictive. We want to give administrators the option to increase this. To do so, the administrator

  1. Opens the document definition
  2. Opens the settings of a reference fields
  3. Enters a value in the Number of Suggestions box (see mockup 1). This field is a numeric input an the maximum value is 20.
  4. Clicks on Save to update the field
  5. Clicks on Save to store the document definition

Display Placeholder

When the user opens a reference field, he should see an placeholder that tells him to enter a search text. On desktop, this is a placeholder visible in the text field (see mockup 2). On mobile, the existing placeholder (Search...) should be replaced by Enter Search Text (see mockup 3).

Indicating More Suggestions

If there are more documents that meet the search terms than the maximum number of suggestions set by the administrator, BizzStream should show a warning indiction, both on desktop (see mockup 4) and on mobile (see mockup 5).

UI/UX Criteria

Screenshot 1: The reference field in the past, on desktop

Screenshot 2: The current reference fields, with a limited number of items

Mockup 1: The Number of Suggestions field

Mockup 2: A reference field on desktop with a placeholder

Mockup 3: A placeholder in the mobile search field

Mockup 4: The more suggestions indicator on desktop

Mockup 5: The more suggestions indicator on mobile

Sprint 24 May 2017 - 23 June 2017

Increase size of Header Field in a REST call rule

Peter van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by bildapr 9 months ago 7

As an administrator, I want to increase size of Header Field in a REST call rule so that it is easier to configure the rule.

(WHY) The box is fairly small, which makes it hard to configure REST call rules.

(WHO) An administrator

(WHAT) Increase the header field

Current Situation

The header field is fairly small (see screenshot 1).

Acceptance Criteria

The header field is bigger (see mockup 1).

UI/UX Design

Screenshot 1: The existing header field

Mockup 1: The new, larger, header field

Sprint 23 November 2016 - 20 December 2016

Improve the UX of the permission editor

pvdlageweg 3 weeks ago 1

As an admin I would like to minimize the clicks I have to do for setting permissions.

[WHY] Improve the UX of permission editor

[WHO] Admin

[WHAT] Make visual distinction between select all checkboxes and individual checkboxes. Make it possible to select all checkboxes in a line with a select all checkbox for all statuses per CRUD action.

Current Situation

Currently an administrator can only select checkboxes individually on a line per status.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Add select all checkboxes for the gridlines so the admin can select all permissions in one click per CRUD action per status.

  • Make sure that the select all checkboxes for gridlines and grid columns correspond to each other.

  • Separate the select all checkboxes in the grid header from the statuses.

  • Add a color to the background of the select all column and line in the grid so that it nicely distinguishes from the rest of the grid (see mockup)

Staged for Release

Link groups to menus

pvdlageweg 3 months ago • updated by Jira user 2 weeks ago 7

As an admin I want to link the groups for users to a menu. This way I don’t have to add users one by one to a menu.

[WHY] So it’s easier to add multiple users to a menu

[WHO] Administrator

[WHAT] Add groups to menus

Current Situation

It is only possible to add users to a menu one by one either by using the UI, REST or script.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Add groups to the multiselect dropdown of the Users field.

  2. The groups should initially by atop the dropdownlist.


Let date filters use variables instead of fixed dates

Hans van Lith 9 months ago • updated by Onno de Haan 5 months ago 2

At this moment you can only use fixed dates in the filter of a menu item, e.g. show every record after 01-09-2017. This means you will have to change the filter every time when you only want to show the reconds of this month.

 If you could choose variables like "this year", "last year", "this month", "last month", "today", "yesterday", "this week", "last week" then this gives a lot more flexibility without having to change the filters.

Under review

Billing: provide more insight in the count of documents (dashboard)

Onno de Haan 12 months ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 10 months ago 3

Our customer GP Groot has asked us to provide more insight into the usage of the system.

At the moment it only possible to see the usage per month. A view suggestions to make thing better from GP Groot, VanWerven (where I'm on location at the moment) and myself:

- stack the monthly / daily bar with documents per document system. So that the monthly-bar contains the docdef (or 10 most used) and show that part of the bar in a different color. Like this:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor stacked bar

AND / OR (less work?))

- make it possible to "filter" on document system, in order to see how much each "functional  process" is used

- when clicking on a month bar, "zoom" in to an overview per day

- make it possible to filter on values (like companyId) , in order to see how much documents are created per business unit. This will allow the customer to charge to usage of the bizzstream to the correct business unit. This one is tricky; but I'm thinking that we might want to filter on "master data" doc-def Id's

Perhaps an export option to send detailled information is already sufficient to achieve this thirth point.


Disable buttons when menu editor is in edit mode

Peter van Meijel 1 year ago • updated 3 months ago 6

As an administrator, I disable toolbar buttons when a menu item is in edit mode so that have to press Update or Cancel before I can continue.

(WHY) Administrators sometimes forget to save changes because they click directly on Save without hitting the Update button of a menu item first. As a result, they accidentally lose changes.

(WHO) Administrators

(WHAT) Disable the toolbar buttons when a menu item is in edit mode

Current Situation

To edit a menu item, an administrator:

  1. Opens a menu
  2. Clicks on the Menu Item
  3. Clicks on Edit
  4. Makes the changes
  5. Clicks on Update
  6. Clicks on save to persist the menu
Sometimes, administrators forget step 5. As a result, the menu is saved without the changes.

Acceptance Criterea
When a menu item is in edit mode, either because a new menu item is introduced or an existing one is edited, the Back, Save, and Delete buttons are disabled. (This is consistent with other dialogs within BizzStream.)

When the user presses Update or Cancel, so that the menu editor leaves the edit mode and the BackSave, and Delete buttons get enabled again.

UI/UX Design

Screenshot 1: A menu item in edit mode.

Sprint 26 June 2017 - 21 July 2017

Conditionally display user action buttons

Peter van Meijel 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 4

As an administrator, I would like to display user action buttons conditionally so that I can reduce the number of statuses.

(WHY) Depending on the status of a document, user action buttons are displayed. However, sometimes there is need for more fine-grained control.

(WHO) Administrator

(WHAT) Conditionally display user action buttons

Current Situation

Currently user action buttons are displayed based on the status of a document. To hide a button, the status of a document needs to change.

This is not always desirable:

  • Sometimes we want to show/hide a button based on a condition (say a checkbox that is marked). This condition does not necessarily represent a new "stage" in the business process.
  • By adding a large number of statuses to the document, the document definition itself gets big.

Acceptance Criterea

This story consists of two parts:

  • Setting the condition
  • Show/hide the button conditionally

Set the condition

To set the condition, the administrator

  1. Opens the document definition
  2. Opens the Workflow section
  3. Double clicks on a user action so that the user action dialog opens
  4. Enters the condition in the Display Only If box
  5. Clicks on Ok to close the User Action dialog
  6. Clicks on Save to persist the document definition

Show/hide the button conditionally

A user action button is displayed if:

  • The document has the status to which the user action button is linked (already in place)
  • The user is an administrator or belongs to an access group that has access to the user action (already in place)
  • If there is a condition, the condition is met

This last step has to be implemented for both desktop and mobile.

UI/UX Design

Mockup 1: the User Action dialog with the Display Only If field

Sprint 26 April 2017 - 23 May 2017

Show document IDs in logs

Peter van Meijel 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 5

As an administrator, I would like to see the document IDs in the logs so that I can investigate how and by whom a document was updated.

(WHY) Sometimes users dispute whether they changed a document. The logs contain a lot of information about (user) actions that updated a document, but it is not easy to find the relevant information because the document ID is not stored in a separate column in the logs view.

(WHO) Administrators

(WHAT) Add a document ID column to the logs view

Current Situation

The document ID of affected documents is not shown in the logs overview.

Acceptance Criterea

1. Show the Document ID column

When the user goes to Setup > Logs, the logs column is displayed (see mockup 1).

2. Add the field to the filter

Make it possible for the administrator to filter on documentId.

3. Add document

When writing logs, the document ID should be added. Logs are added when:

  • A user action is executed
  • A scheduled action is executed
  • A script is executed
  • An e-mail is send
  • REST calls are made

At all these places, make sure that the document ID is added to the logs.

UI/UX Design

Mockup 1: The Document ID column in the logs.

Sprint 21 December 2016 - 18 January 2017

Formula fields in documents and Lines

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Bram Nieuwenhuize 2 years ago 9

For example in lines, formula fields for calculating is needed when multiplying the unit price and number of an item. Then it would be possible to calculate the subtotal of a line.

First, only the calculating with the available fields in a document would be great.

Sprint April 11 2016 - May 6 2016