We are enriching BizzStream with more and more functionality. Because we want you to participate in building the best possible platform, we give you the opportunity to add feature requests and vote for the best ones. We will prioritize the features and plan them on our roadmap.


Use reference to script in REST-header URL edit box

Onno de Haan 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 1 year ago 3

Use reference to script in REST-header URL edit box.

We now have to enter the URL, for example:


It would be great if we could use a script reference, for example


Where restURL is a variable in the script named "settings".

Under review

As a user, I want to be able to export (csv, xls, xlsx) all my data within the document

Douwe Bosma 2 years ago • updated by anonymous 2 months ago 1


Now we are able to export from the documentoverview screen. This export may including the headfield within the documents. But as many information is stored within the lines, this information is excluded from the export. So can this functionality be expanded so these grid are expotered as well (maybe to different tabs?)

As so, it would be great is the user can determine/select which grids within the document are to be exporterd.


Add Autocomplete Field

Peter van Meijel 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 8

As an administrator, I would like to be able to define an autocomplete field so that I can help users entering data based on documents in a collection.

Currently, we only have a reference field, which stores references to documents. The autocomplete field behaves very much like a 1-1 reference field, but stores the label of the selected document rather than a reference.

To implement this feature, a couple of changes have to be made.

  • Add a new field to the document definition
  • Implement a field renderer for desktop
  • Implement a field renderer for mobile

New field in document definition

We add a new field type, called Autocomplete to the document definition page:

There are two differences with the reference field:

  • When a Related Document is Deleted: This field is not available because the Autocomplete fields stores a label and not a reference.
  • Value should be in list of suggestions: This setting enforces that there is at least one document in the collection that has a filter that corresponds to the value entered in the field. In other word, the field will not validate when the user entered a text that does not correspond to one of the suggestions.

It is possible to have a 1-N autocomplete field. In this case, several values will be separated by comma's. For instance, we could have the values "Pizza Restaurant Duit, Pizza Restaurant Amsterdam West".

Implement a field renderer for the desktop

In this case, we can use the Kendo UI Autocomplete.

Implement field renderer for mobile

On mobile, we can use a basic text field for the document:

When the user clicks on the > button, the list of suggestions appears:

Sprint 1 September 2016 - 27 September 2016
Under review

Support for "common data", for example: generic PostalCode document or CountryCode document,

Onno de Haan 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

Support for "common data", for example: generic PostalCode document, CountryCode document or Currency Code. That way we can model solutions for customers that require the use of Address-data.

Would be very helpfull with Freesmij, VanWerven, etc. Almost every integrations needs this data.


Configure filters standard open or close in an Overview lay-out

Edward Jousma 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 3

It would be nice that you can influence the behavior of filters. Sometimes you want the filters directly show. In some cases not.

Reason. Filters not directly open means that you have more space for data in the grid.

Now, always open.

Sprint April 11 2016 - May 6 2016

Sort data in a grid layout or line

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 4

To find faster relevant information in grid layouts and in lines, it would be nice when sorting information is possible. For instance, sort the data on creation date.


Provide a way to add visitors more rubust to a document via bizzStream.addVisitorLazy

Onno de Haan 2 weeks ago 0


At the moment we need to edit the visitor object in the document by hand. That's workable, but not very handy. When you don't provide a token / _id, it doesn't work very wel.

I would like two new methods




That way we can encapsulate the logic. And if you guys extend the functionalitty in the future, you can extent those functions, and we don't have to change all of our scripts


UPLOAD ATTACHMENT: Make it possible to upload (base64) attachments (inside a new document) via REST-service

Onno de Haan 1 month ago • updated 1 month ago 0

At the moment we are unable to upload document with an attachment inside.

We need this for different customers; KWS, VanKessel, VanWerven have all asked us to extent this part of the REST-service,

What we need is an atomic way the create a document with attachments. For example, we want upload a document with a PDF file attached.

In order to be future proof, it would be best if we could upload an array of attachments.

For now only support for header field attachments is required, but I can imagine you build it also for line level attachments.

I'm not very enthusiastic about a seperate method to upload the attachment, because that would mean that I have to split my transaction into two seperate calls. And that's bothersome in the case of error handling.

What I can live with is a new method, that can take an entire document inluding attachments, that is different from the current one.

Under review

Hoover function in layouts

Theo van Meijel 1 month ago • updated 4 weeks ago 2

As a user i want to have some explantion at labels. By this a hoover function would be very helpful.

We play with some CSS code to give an idee of the result we would like to achieve.

a.tooltips {
  position: relative;
  display: inline;
a.tooltips span {
  position: absolute;
  min-width: 165px;
  color: #FFFFFF;
  background: #5e5d61;
  height: auto;
  line-height: 35px;
  text-align: center;
  visibility: hidden;
  border-radius: 6px;
  box-shadow: 0px 0px 6px #7D7D7D;
line-height: 25px;
a.tooltips span:after {
  content: '';
  position: absolute;
  top: 50%;
  right: 100%;
  margin-top: -8px;
  width: 0; 
  height: 0;
  border-right: 8px solid #5e5d61;
  border-top: 8px solid transparent;
  border-bottom: 8px solid transparent;
a:hover.tooltips span {
  visibility: visible;
  opacity: 1;
  left: 100%;
  top: 50%;
  margin-top: -17.5px;
  margin-left: 15px;
  z-index: 999;
</style><a class="tooltips" href="#"><img src="https://image.flaticon.com/icons/svg/131/131917.svg" width="15" height="15">uitleg </a>


Add a button to BizzStream that allows partners to log a bug directly from the UI of BizzStream

Onno de Haan 1 month ago 0

It would be great if there would be a button "Report issue" available to Implementation Partners like VanMeijel, that would automatically fill in a bug request form with 


environment name

environment id

user name



This would only require us to focus on the descirption of actual bugs instead of constantly filling in the same field whenever we find a bug. 

Would save us some time. And.. also provide you guys, with a lot more accurate information about the bugs that we are reporting.