We are enriching BizzStream with more and more functionality. Because we want you to participate in building the best possible platform, we give you the opportunity to add feature requests and vote for the best ones. We will prioritize the features and plan them on our roadmap.

Under review

Can we save a generated PDF in a field?

Onno de Haan 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2


I'm researching a new process for a new customer; and would like to know if there is a possibility to save a generated PDF (report) into a attachment field?

As far as I know there is no such option in the platform right now. Would this be a big effort? I would expect it to be a small change, since all components are already in place.

So, i need a 

Save PDF

instead of 

Render PDF


Expand search options in reference fields

pvdlageweg 4 months ago • updated 2 months ago 12

Reference fields are among the most used fields in BizzStream, they make it possible to re-use the same data in multiple business processes. Reference fields are sensitive for performance issues, since they can have a lot of conditions (for example permissions). In the past this has caused performance issues which resulted in functionality to cap the showing of (initially) only 20 values when opening a reference field. If a value is not shown, the user can use the searchfield which will show documents that pass the search criterium.

At this moment we see that this causes functional problems for users at multiple customers, the users don’t always know what they are searching for. Since the label of a reference field can only contain a limited amount of information from the document it’s referencing, the need to search and filter on other fields in the referred documents is there. Next to that, the user would like to be able to scroll through all documents (that pass a filter).

This has led to the following feature request:

Make it possible for companies to define their own search layouts in reference fields.

From a technical/efficient viewpoint, we would like to re-use the functionality from the Overview List Layout. This has the following advantages:

  • We can re-use existing functionality like sorting, filtering and continues scrolling, 
  • We can re-use technology for rendering and fetching documents, this will be beneficial for performance.
  • Overview layouts can be re-used for searching referenced documents, so companies don’t have to create new overviews.

For this to work, we of course need to change the overview to be used as search layout.

These are the stories for this functionality:


Add a translation key for picklist values

Jeroen op ‘t Hoog 4 months ago • updated by anonymous 3 months ago 0

As an end user I would like to see picklist content in my own language. Currently, employees who have a different native language cannot understand the values displayed in the picklist.

(WHY) There isn't an option to fill in a translation key.

(WHO) Administrator.

(WHAT) Add a translation key.

Staged for Release

Show BizzStream release notes

pvdlageweg 5 months ago • updated 4 months ago 3

As a BizzStream customer / partner I want to know what features are (going to be) released and what bug are (going to be) fixed throughout the BizzStream DTAP street.

[WHY] To have more insight in when important functionality and fixes are released.

[WHO] Customers / Partners

[WHAT] Create a new public webpage were releases on test-, acc- and app.bizzstream.com are shown.

Current Situation

Currently we have roadmap.bizzstream.com that shows what features are expected and what features are finished. However this needs a lot of manual updating and is not precise enough on the exact location of a feature/bug fix in the DTAP street.

Acceptance Criteria

  • A new webpage will be created on http://release.bizzstream.com

  • The page contains 3 sections: test.bizzstream.com, acc.bizzstream.com and app.bizzstream.com.

  • A header will be added with the BizzStream orange color and the text BizzStream Releases. A BizzStream logo would be nice.

  • All finished stories and bug fixes are shown in a list grouped by a sprint.

  • The first sprint group will show on top of the list.

  • A list item shows 2 things:

    • The type: either a Story or Bug.

    • The link to the Story or Bug (the bug link will be only accessible for partners). Click opens in a new tab.

  • When the list is longer than the container, a scroll bar appears.



Filename of attachment files in mails

Theo van Meijel 7 months ago • updated by Johan de Zwaan 1 month ago 1

Currently mails can be send with attachements. Those attachements will get the name of the template.

Our customer wants to make this variable. So for example the name of the attachment is the value of a field in a document. So we want to use Bizzstream expressions for the file name of attachments.


Show columns in a document on tablets

pvdlageweg 9 months ago 0

As an administrator, I want to be able to set columns in a document layout for tablets devices.

(WHY) Tablet screens are wide enough to show multiple columns, this way more information can be shown in a screen without to much scrolling.

(WHO) Administrator.

(WHAT) Be able to set 'show columns on tablets'

Current Situation

Currently when there is set more than 1 column in a document layout, these columns only get rendered on desktop. On mobile phones and tablet these columns are rendered as a long list.

Acceptance Criterea

  • Be able to set the property 'show columns on tablets' in the layout editor. (false by default)
  • Render columns on tablets, respecting the field properties (margin, in between space, height)
  • Scrolling is set on the window, not the columns independently.

Setting the show column property

The property 'Show columns on tablets' needs to be added to header fields. This is a checkbox type field. 

Rendering column on tablets

If the show column on tablets has been set to true, columns need to be rendered according to the bootstrap grid. If values don't fit inside the field, they are concatenated (...).


At this moment scrolling is bound to the listview, enabling smooth scrolling. To have the same experience, the window as a whole.

UI/UX Criteria

For example a 2 column view, columns are separated by a grey space. 

For example 2 and 3 columns in one view.

In Progress

Prevent removal of user groups that are used as default access group members

Peter van Meijel 10 months ago • updated by Jira user 3 days ago 10

As an administrator, I want to prevent the deletion of user groups that are used as default access group member or as a added member in a document so that I cannot break document definitions and existing workflows.

(WHY) By removing groups that are used as default access group member or that are added to an individual document, document definitions and existing workflows may break.

(WHO) Administrator

(WHAT) Prevent the removal of user groups that are used as default access group members

Current Situation

User groups may be deleted, even if they are a default access group member or added to an individual document's permissions. As a result, workflows may break.

Acceptance Criterea

When the administrator tries to delete a group, check: 

  • whether the group is used as a default access group member in one of the Document Definitions in the environment. If this is the case, show an error: "This group cannot be deleted because it is used as a default access group member."
  • whether the group is added to individual documents as part of their permissions. If this is the case, show an error:"This group cannot be deleted because it's part of (an) individual document(s)"

When a group is used as an default access group, it cannot be deleted.


What we see a lot: make lines read-only based on the value of a column

Onno de Haan 10 months ago • updated 6 months ago 6

We have a lot of use cases where we want to disable a line based on a value of another column. 


The screen below is an example, not an actual use case. I just use it to illustrate my point.

When a user selects the line below, he can press a button (which is not visible now) to "finalize" a line. When the line is "final", it must not be edited by the user.

Therefore, we would like to specify a contion an a line-block that determines whether a line is readonly or not.

For example

readonly-if:   {!lineStat!} = '1000'


Add the name of the action that triggered a script to actionInfo object

Onno de Haan 10 months ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 6 months ago 6

As an administrator, I want to know the name of the action that triggered a script so that I can modify the behavior or scripts depending on the action.

(WHY) Sometimes the behavior of one script should differ based on the action that triggered it. This allows us to keep scripts more generic.

(WHO) Administrator

(WHAT) Add the name of the action that triggered a script to actionInfo object

Current Situation

We write generic scripts, that need to behave slightly different based on the button that was pressed. It would be very helpful if we could see the name of the button inside the script.

Acceptance Criterea

Add the name of the action that triggered a script to actionInfo object so that we can retrieve it via:

Under review

VanWerven: extend actionInfo.currentUser with the lists of groups of which a user is a member

Onno de Haan 12 months ago • updated by Johan de Zwaan 12 months ago 2

Extend actionInfo.currentUser with the lists of groups that a user is a part of.

VanWerven needs this information, in order to make script 'behave' differently.

For example: they want to create a BizzStream group "reisuren". The script that calculates "registration lines", is than able to access the groups, and add an extra line.

At the moment this is not possible. It will require to set a field manually inside the "resource" table, and look that field up.