We are enriching BizzStream with more and more functionality. Because we want you to participate in building the best possible platform, we give you the opportunity to add feature requests and vote for the best ones. We will prioritize the features and plan them on our roadmap.

Under review

Add index property to fields

Peter van Meijel 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 3

As an administrator, I want to be able to determine whether a (non line) field can sorted so that only fields optimized for sorting can be used.

The sortable property can be set on the following fields:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Checkbox
  • Reference
  • Formula
  • Date
  • Time
  • E-mail
  • Picklist

Document Definitions

In the document definition page, we add a Index checkbox:

!!!! Index instead of Sortable !!! picture is outdated


In the overviews, all of the fields mentioned above can currently be sorted. We will change this so that only fields that have been enabled as sortable can be sorted.

Fields In Document Lines

For the fields in the document lines there are no changes related to this story.

Under review

Allow notifications while executing bulk actions

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Onno de Haan 2 years ago 6

When executing a script in a single document, notifications could be used. If a script is executed in a grid layout, no notifications are shown. It is necessary in some scripts to make conditions in it with notifications. Please allow also notifications in grid layouts.


Text-fields are abbreviated in a grid, but reference-fields are not

Johan de Groot 2 years ago 0

In a grid you can define a text-column and a reference-field-column. The value of the reference-field is wrapped in the column over multiple lines, whereas the text-field is abbreviated.

Isn't it possible to wrap the text-field-values as well?

Under review

Elastic search funtionality

Douwe Bosma 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 1


It would be usefull to seach/filter over you're screendata without perse using the filters, but simple by entering the search term, which shown alle the maches.

Under review

Edit line spacing in templates

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 1

For using fixed text area's on templates (see also: http://support.bizzstream.com/topics/623-fixed-text-areas-on-templates/), it is necessary to edit the line spacing of the text. By having this it is possible to match the text with fixed text boxes.

A feature like this in Word:

Under review

Fixed text area's on templates

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 1

At the case of Reym, we have to make templates out of documents. Some of those documents do have a fixed layout. So, information have to be printed on exact locations on a A4 document.

To achieve this, i propose to make the dimensions of the paper area visible in the template editor (like word, shown at the next picture). Then, we can play with dimensions of tables to print the content on the right place. When a page is full, automatically the next page mus be created.

Under review

Embed environment ID in the default URL structure

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 1

Currently the layout for an URL can be something like this:


By copying this URL and opening it in a new tap, the browser path wil be lost because the environment has to be chosen. By adding the environment ID default at the URL, the URL can be bookmarked and shared between users.

Example of the supposed URL:



Export excel and csv without referenceid's and field names

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 4

As a user, I would like to be able to be able to export excel and CSV files with labels instread of IDs, so that I do not have to use VLOOKUP excel methods to link files.

The bulk export function to excel works very nice! BizzStream exports all the system data as saved in the documents.

Advanced users can export the other documents and edit them in excel to show information of related documents in one spreadsheet. It would be nice if there is an option to export the information as shown in the layout. So, field labels instead of field names, and field values instead of reference Id's.

Sprint 1 September 2016 - 27 September 2016

Add "Does not contain" function in filter

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 8

As a user, I would like to be able use the 'does not contain' filter so that I can more efficiently select the documents that are relevant to me.

Currently it is possible to filter data with: contain, Equals and notEquals. In several cases users also want to filter on data that contains not a specific value.

An example: there are two kinds of orderNumbers. The internal orders always begins with a 'I' before the number. So extern: '160001' and intern 'I160001'. To filter all the external orders i want to use a function 'does not contain' in combination with 'I'.

Sprint August 3 2016 - 31 2016

Use full window in documents (responsive) on desktop

pvdlageweg 2 years ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 2 years ago 6

As a user I want to have the document information spread out more evenly over the screen. i.e. when using 2 colums, each column should have 50%. When using 3 column (=max), each column should have 33% wid

1. Use full width for header fields in documents

2. Use responsive height (+/- 90% of window height) for grid.