Increase size of Header Field in a REST call rule

Peter van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by bildapr 9 months ago 7 1 duplicate

As an administrator, I want to increase size of Header Field in a REST call rule so that it is easier to configure the rule.

(WHY) The box is fairly small, which makes it hard to configure REST call rules.

(WHO) An administrator

(WHAT) Increase the header field

Current Situation

The header field is fairly small (see screenshot 1).

Acceptance Criteria

The header field is bigger (see mockup 1).

UI/UX Design

Screenshot 1: The existing header field

Mockup 1: The new, larger, header field

Sprint 23 November 2016 - 20 December 2016

Duplicates 1

Hi Peter

Please increase the URL field as well

In Progress

Peter Van de Lageweg Feature request for the next time : Could you maybe add only one subtask (update documentation + add releaseNote) next time instead of the two separate... This because the first subtask (update screenshots in document) don't require any code to push...

Staged for Release

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