Show document IDs in logs

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As an administrator, I would like to see the document IDs in the logs so that I can investigate how and by whom a document was updated.

(WHY) Sometimes users dispute whether they changed a document. The logs contain a lot of information about (user) actions that updated a document, but it is not easy to find the relevant information because the document ID is not stored in a separate column in the logs view.

(WHO) Administrators

(WHAT) Add a document ID column to the logs view

Current Situation

The document ID of affected documents is not shown in the logs overview.

Acceptance Criterea

1. Show the Document ID column

When the user goes to Setup > Logs, the logs column is displayed (see mockup 1).

2. Add the field to the filter

Make it possible for the administrator to filter on documentId.

3. Add document

When writing logs, the document ID should be added. Logs are added when:

  • A user action is executed
  • A scheduled action is executed
  • A script is executed
  • An e-mail is send
  • REST calls are made

At all these places, make sure that the document ID is added to the logs.

UI/UX Design

Mockup 1: The Document ID column in the logs.

Sprint 21 December 2016 - 18 January 2017

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