Formula fields in documents and Lines

Theo van Meijel 2 years ago • updated by Bram Nieuwenhuize 2 years ago 9

For example in lines, formula fields for calculating is needed when multiplying the unit price and number of an item. Then it would be possible to calculate the subtotal of a line.

First, only the calculating with the available fields in a document would be great.

Sprint April 11 2016 - May 6 2016
In Progress

Hey Theo,

We started working on this feature a while ago. I expect it to be released early next week.



When your working on this issue also think of calculating date and time. End date - Start date = duration

What is the status of this issue?

We are working on this issue. Unfortunately, it takes a bit longer than expected.

Also try to think about a solution for setting the amount of decimals visible in a calculated fields. currently this is not working.