Set number of suggestions and display placeholder in reference field

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As an administrator, I want to set the number of initially displayed documents and display a placeholder so that they are aware that there may be more results.

(WHY) When users expand reference fields, they initially see 5 items. When they enter a search string, they will see at most 5 items that match the search string. This confuses some users.

(WHO) Administrator.

(WHAT) Set the number of suggestions and display a placeholder

Current Situation

In the past, reference fields showed at most about 20 references. As a result, scroll bar was typically visible when a reference field was expanded. As a result, users were inclined to use the search box to find an item.

Due to performance considerations, we limited the list to 5 items. Now users are suddenly much less inclined to use the search field and complain that not all items are visible.

Acceptance Criterea

This story consists of three parts:

  • Setting the number of suggestions
  • Displaying a placeholder
  • Show indicator if there are more suggetions

Set Number of Suggestions

In some cases, limiting the search results to 5 items is too restrictive. We want to give administrators the option to increase this. To do so, the administrator

  1. Opens the document definition
  2. Opens the settings of a reference fields
  3. Enters a value in the Number of Suggestions box (see mockup 1). This field is a numeric input an the maximum value is 20.
  4. Clicks on Save to update the field
  5. Clicks on Save to store the document definition

Display Placeholder

When the user opens a reference field, he should see an placeholder that tells him to enter a search text. On desktop, this is a placeholder visible in the text field (see mockup 2). On mobile, the existing placeholder (Search...) should be replaced by Enter Search Text (see mockup 3).

Indicating More Suggestions

If there are more documents that meet the search terms than the maximum number of suggestions set by the administrator, BizzStream should show a warning indiction, both on desktop (see mockup 4) and on mobile (see mockup 5).

UI/UX Criteria

Screenshot 1: The reference field in the past, on desktop

Screenshot 2: The current reference fields, with a limited number of items

Mockup 1: The Number of Suggestions field

Mockup 2: A reference field on desktop with a placeholder

Mockup 3: A placeholder in the mobile search field

Mockup 4: The more suggestions indicator on desktop

Mockup 5: The more suggestions indicator on mobile

Sprint 24 May 2017 - 23 June 2017

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Perfectly explained.

In Progress
Staged for Release

Hi guys! This feature will be very welcome to end users! Thanks!

For now, please be aware of the following:

  • We added the "Enter Search Text" placeholder.
  • We increased the number of suggestions to 20.

This feature request is very important for our customers.

In the specs i'll read that there is a icon be displayed when there are more items than the list can show. Fine but ..... If you do not know the search items (when external parties to access a process, or at large external item lists Dura Vermeer, GP Groot) which you then a icon usefull but not usefull enough. 

I would really like to suggest to introduce a vertical scroll bar if there are more items than the list initial can display. 

I agree with Edward, it would be much better when it is "performance technical"  possible to introduce a vertical scrollbar. If we wish to use this program for example  something with bestek specifications (bestekposten) it will not be possible, because of the great amount of these items.