Disable buttons when menu editor is in edit mode

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As an administrator, I disable toolbar buttons when a menu item is in edit mode so that have to press Update or Cancel before I can continue.

(WHY) Administrators sometimes forget to save changes because they click directly on Save without hitting the Update button of a menu item first. As a result, they accidentally lose changes.

(WHO) Administrators

(WHAT) Disable the toolbar buttons when a menu item is in edit mode

Current Situation

To edit a menu item, an administrator:

  1. Opens a menu
  2. Clicks on the Menu Item
  3. Clicks on Edit
  4. Makes the changes
  5. Clicks on Update
  6. Clicks on save to persist the menu
Sometimes, administrators forget step 5. As a result, the menu is saved without the changes.

Acceptance Criterea
When a menu item is in edit mode, either because a new menu item is introduced or an existing one is edited, the Back, Save, and Delete buttons are disabled. (This is consistent with other dialogs within BizzStream.)

When the user presses Update or Cancel, so that the menu editor leaves the edit mode and the BackSave, and Delete buttons get enabled again.

UI/UX Design

Screenshot 1: A menu item in edit mode.

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