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Billing: provide more insight in the count of documents (dashboard)

Onno de Haan 12 months ago • updated by Peter van Meijel 10 months ago 3

Our customer GP Groot has asked us to provide more insight into the usage of the system.

At the moment it only possible to see the usage per month. A view suggestions to make thing better from GP Groot, VanWerven (where I'm on location at the moment) and myself:

- stack the monthly / daily bar with documents per document system. So that the monthly-bar contains the docdef (or 10 most used) and show that part of the bar in a different color. Like this:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor stacked bar

AND / OR (less work?))

- make it possible to "filter" on document system, in order to see how much each "functional  process" is used

- when clicking on a month bar, "zoom" in to an overview per day

- make it possible to filter on values (like companyId) , in order to see how much documents are created per business unit. This will allow the customer to charge to usage of the bizzstream to the correct business unit. This one is tricky; but I'm thinking that we might want to filter on "master data" doc-def Id's

Perhaps an export option to send detailled information is already sufficient to achieve this thirth point.

Hi, VanWerven has also mentioned the desire for more insight in documents

Under review

Hi all,

Thanks for letting this know. We can provide more details for a specific client in a specific month upon request. Given our full backlog, we will give this feature request a low priority.