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When deleting user actions, update scheduler layout

Peter van Meijel 11 months ago • updated by Jira user 4 weeks ago 4

As an administrator, I want to update the scheduler layouts that refer to user actions that have been removed from a document definition so that the user do not get an error when trying to update or delete a document.

(WHY) When elements, such as field, are removed from the documents are removed the related entities, such as layouts, should be updated. Currently, when a user action is removed, the scheduler layouts are not updated.

(WHO) Administrator

(WHAT)  Update scheduler layout when deleting user action from document definition

Current Situation

When elements are removed from the documents are removed the related entities should be updated. For instance, when a field is updated it is removed from the layout.

In scheduler layouts, administrators can configure which user action is triggered when the user tries to update or delete a document. When these user actions are deleted from the document definition, the related scheduler layouts are not changed.

Acceptance Criterea

When a user action is removed from a document definition, any associated scheduler layouts should be updated so that it no longer contains references to the removed user actions.

not sure if there are currently corrupt scheduler layouts but may be its wise to also write a conversion script?

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