Let date filters use variables instead of fixed dates

Hans van Lith 9 months ago • updated by Onno de Haan 5 months ago 2

At this moment you can only use fixed dates in the filter of a menu item, e.g. show every record after 01-09-2017. This means you will have to change the filter every time when you only want to show the reconds of this month.

 If you could choose variables like "this year", "last year", "this month", "last month", "today", "yesterday", "this week", "last week" then this gives a lot more flexibility without having to change the filters.


We've also stumbled across this. For the end users this saves a lot of hassle because now they have to change their filters everyday.

Can you place this on the roadmap?

Agreed, would make the platform much more user friendly!