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Add a field type "URL"

Hans van Lith 6 months ago • updated 4 months ago 2

As an administrator, I want to be able to show a link in layout so I can link to another document in BizzStream or to external websites.

Why: This gives the possibility to switch to a related document without having to search again (This adds another layer to the menu structure in BizzStream). This also gives the possibility to link to video's for workinstructions  on Youtube or to workinstructions on the suppliers website a.s.o.. 

Who: administrator

What: add a field type "URL" + property "Open in new tab".

Current situation: you cannot add a document related URL in a specific document (only in a user action but that URL then relates to all documents in the document system).

Acceptance criteria: you can add fields with field type URL to a document. You can choose wether the URL will open in a new tab or stays within the same. The entered URL is validated. If you click or tab on the URL, the webpage is opened.

Under review

Hello Hans,

A few weeks ago I got a request from VanMeijel to setup a field that allows users to click a telephone number and than dials this number. I advised to use a label field for this.

So in the labelfield you can use this tag for example:

<p><a href="http://maxedy.com"</a> </p>

But you can also use expression:

<p><a href="{!theUrlFromField!}">{!theUrlFromField!}</a> </p>

The downside here is that this wil most likely not work for mobile devices. However a ticket has been filed to fix this issue

Maybe this would already help you a lot without us having to build new functionality.

Hello Peter,

Although it is a bit of an indirect way to add a document based link, it works fine.

Indeed the ínternal Bizzstream links do not work on a mobile device, external links do work.

Best regards,

Hans  van Lith