Add Print Document rule

Peter van Meijel 2 months ago • updated by pvdlageweg 3 weeks ago 1

As a user, I would like to print directly from my document.

[WHY] To be able to print directly from a document

[WHO] Admin

[WHAT] Add a Print rule to a user action in the workflow. This rule makes an API call to a Google Cloud Print with a template that has been rendered.

Current Situation

Users cannot print directly from a document.

Acceptance Criteria

As an admin I can add a print rule to a user action in the workflow:

  1. Go the the Workflow of a document definition

  2. Add a user action and open the user action

  3. In the rules dropdown insert the Print rule

  4. The print rule has the following fields:

    1. Label

    2. Description

    3. Template (with the same source DD)*

    4. Execute only if

    5. Google Cloud Print API* (perhaps some additional fields are required to add parameters)

*Mandatory fields

As a user I can click a button that executes the print rule action in a document:

  1. Click the button

  2. A confirmation dialog is shown with the text: ‘Are you sure you want to print the document?’

  3. I click OK, the template is sent to the printer.

  4. (if possible)If the Google Cloud Print responds, a dialog with a success notification will be shown

    1. If the printer doesn’t respond within x ms, an error notification will be shown

For every time the print rule is executed a log needs to be written.

Hello Peter,

We've been testing ways to print using web services from different apps (on Android).

The most efficient way to print seems to be Google cloud print, most modern printers support this.


We would suggest to look in that direction.