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Link groups to menus

pvdlageweg 3 months ago • updated by Jira user 2 weeks ago 7 1 duplicate

As an admin I want to link the groups for users to a menu. This way I don’t have to add users one by one to a menu.

[WHY] So it’s easier to add multiple users to a menu

[WHO] Administrator

[WHAT] Add groups to menus

Current Situation

It is only possible to add users to a menu one by one either by using the UI, REST or script.

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Add groups to the multiselect dropdown of the Users field.

  2. The groups should initially by atop the dropdownlist.

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Very good point! Same thought last days :) Curious if and when....

Same story here. Can this be put on the roadmap if it isn't already?

Under review

Yes I will put it on the roadmap.

Under review

We have Group1 with users [admin, guest]. So in dropdownlist I see the following values: Group1, Admin, Guest. 

If I select Group1, am I still able to see in dropdownlist Admin and Guest?

We will make a union of groups and users, so to answer your question: yes

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