Improve the UX of the permission editor

pvdlageweg 3 weeks ago 1 1 duplicate

As an admin I would like to minimize the clicks I have to do for setting permissions.

[WHY] Improve the UX of permission editor

[WHO] Admin

[WHAT] Make visual distinction between select all checkboxes and individual checkboxes. Make it possible to select all checkboxes in a line with a select all checkbox for all statuses per CRUD action.

Current Situation

Currently an administrator can only select checkboxes individually on a line per status.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Add select all checkboxes for the gridlines so the admin can select all permissions in one click per CRUD action per status.

  • Make sure that the select all checkboxes for gridlines and grid columns correspond to each other.

  • Separate the select all checkboxes in the grid header from the statuses.

  • Add a color to the background of the select all column and line in the grid so that it nicely distinguishes from the rest of the grid (see mockup)

Duplicates 1

This would alleviate some stress on the old clickin' finger. It would also be nice if we could copy all permissions from one status to the next. Or what if we could select multiple (not all, mind you) 'View' or 'Edit' boxes on a line by holding down Shift and clicking on the first and last one we want to select?