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Prevent alteration of (sub)entities in a document definition that is the basis of a package

Peter van Meijel 3 weeks ago • updated by Jira user 6 days ago 2

As an administrator, I want to prevent the alteration of (sub)entities in a document definition (DD) that is the basis of a package.

(WHY) It is possible to alter sub entities of a document definition that is part of a package. This can destroy backwards compatibility.

(WHO) Administrators

(WHAT) Prevent alteration of sub-entities in a DD that is part of a package

Current Situation

When installing a DD in the target org, most elements of the DD are locked so that they cannot be altered and the backwards compatibility can be broken.

In the source environment, these same sub-entities can be removed or altered in a significant way. This can break backwards compatability as well.

Acceptance Criterea

In the DD, the name of the following sub-entities cannot be changed and these sub-entities cannot be deleted once the DD has been persisted. As long as the entities are a concept, they can be deleted.

  • Fields
  • Lines
  • Fields in Lines
  • Statuses
  • Access Groups

In the toolbar of the document definition, show a warning that "This document definition has been packaged":

Use as much as we can the existing locked mechanism.

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